Tips and tricks for Microsoft Teams with Outlook

We often mess up things because we miss the simple tricks and tips that can help us boost our productivity and lower our workload. Microsoft Office 365 Login comes with Microsoft Teams and Outlook. When we are using teams with Microsoft Outlook, here are some tips and tricks that can be useful for you.

  • Adding Online meetings to all meetings.

You can simply do that by going to the Meeting tab, click on the Teams meeting. Now go to Calendar in Outlook, Right Click and go to Calendar Options. Within the calendar options, Check the “Add online meetings to all meetings option.” And then click ok. Now whenever you create a new meeting, it will automatically add the information. You can do it via the Outlook app and also from

  • Drag and Drop content between Outlook and Teams.

You can drag the mail attachments to your team channel directly and it will upload and send it to the channel. You can directly drop it in the conversation or in the files under the channel. You can further Pin the file to the top to make sure everyone notices the file.

  • Sync both Outlook and Teams together.

You can sync Teams and outlook together giving you the flexibility of anything that you create on Teams will be on your outlook to making work easier for you. You can create a new event or anything in the calendar it will end up in the team's calendar too and will also end up in the Teams under the tasks too.

  • Read Emails from Teams.

Go to any team's channel and click on the + button to add a tab, click on the Website, Name the Tab “email” or anything that you prefer. For the URL, visit our website Office 365 Login(we are using outlook services). This will add a new tab with direct access to your email directly from Microsoft Teams.


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